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Tuesday, August 25, 2009



1st and for most i would like to wish you all Ramadhan al-Mubarak..

once again we are given the opportunity to taste the barakah and specialtty of Ramadhan..

all muslims troughout the world are fasting in this month..may Allah gives us a good health to per form fasting...hopefully this year, the Ramadhan may gives us thousands of barakah..

muslims are lucky becouse has given the opportunity by Allah for our stomach to get some rest during the Ramadhan..besides, Allah has given us the opportunity for us to increase our 'amal during this month..the month where our du'a will be heard..the door of taubah is open and so many speciality that we have heard and know about this month..

so, why not let us together grab this opportunity to enhance and strengthen our iman.. may Allah accept ourfasting and may He forgive us

lets us also together seeks the "lailatul qadar" may we manage the taste and nikmah of the night..

don't forget also to pay zakat n let us do as much as sadaqah in this month..may we get the rewards..but hopefully the sadaqah isn't stop at the end of Ramadhan..may the sadaqah will continue and possiblly make it as our rutine..

may this will be parcticed by me too..hehe

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